About Us

Our Mission

Empower the poor and deprived in East Africa through the provision of education and basic needs.

Develop self sustaining independent communities.

Promote and invest in human development allowing for the growth of people who are confident of who they are, their faith and their future.

Tackling poverty, disease and hunger in East Africa

AWET aims and objectives include the tackling of poverty, disease and hunger in East Africa.

Over 17 years of concentrating in western Kenya Angel Welfare & Education Trust have taken the decision to broaden their target area to East Africa. Maintaining the same project activity portfolio and target population we have started work across Kenya and have extended into Uganda. God-willing we shall extend into Tanzania within the next 18 months.

According to the 2020 World Bank’s report on Poverty Reduction in Africa, over the last 25 years Africans living in extreme poverty has reduced by 13%. However due to the high growth in population during the same period the number of poor people in Africa has actually doubled.

82% of people living in extreme poverty in Africa live in rural areas and earn what little money they have primarily from farming. Fragile and conflict-affected States have notably higher poverty rates and lack of education and skills as well as persistent inequality between men and women making poverty reduction harder.

Angel Welfare & Education Trust intend to tackle extreme poverty in these broadly impoverished rural areas of East Africa. With the support and prayers of our Donors and Ambassadors and Partners in East Africa we can make a difference.

Our Values


Ensuring a 100% donation policy. Every pound donated and every pound of Gift Aid received is spent on making a difference to the lives of the people in East Africa.


Directly provide to those in need of basic human needs of water, food, clothes, shelter, medicine and education.


Working with men, women, children, local leaders, teachers & health care professionals to develop and deliver projects within their own communities to uplift self-esteem and self-respect whilst maintaining the present social and cultural framework.