Empower the poor and deprived in Western Kenya through the provision of education and basic needs.
Develop self sustaining independent communities.
Promote and invest in human development allowing for the growth of people who are confident of who they are, their faith and their future.

Tackling poverty, disease and hunger in rural Western Kenya

AWET aims and objectives include the tackling of poverty, disease and hunger in rural Western Kenya, approximately 3,500 sq. miles and a population of over 5 million of which 1.5 million are Muslims.

Rural poverty in Kenya is strongly linked to environmental concerns – especially poor water management, declining soil fertility, land degradation and difficulty in maintaining livestock. Severe drought occurred in 2010 and 2011, with 4 million people requiring food assistance and this has been repeated in 2016 and 2017 with more than 5 million requiring food assistance.

AWET plan to extend their food distribution, widow support and orphan support in 2018, with a drive to provide necessary basic food and provision of water to ease the strain of the famine. Despite the difficult environment we shall persist with income generation programs such as farming and extend our Artisan program and College & University Sponsorships.

Tributes to our fantastic team in Kenya led by Shaikh AbdulRahman and all our trustees and volunteers in the UK who effortlessly work and sacrifice time to raise awareness and help and support all our projects and events.



Ensuring a 100% donation policy. Every pound donated and every pound of Gift Aid received is spent on making a difference to the lives of the people in Western Kenya.


Directly provide to those in need of basic human needs of water, food, clothes, shelter, medicine and education.


Working with men, women, children, local leaders, teachers & health care professionals to develop and deliver projects within their own communities to uplift self-esteem and self-respect whilst maintaining the present social and cultural framework.